December 11, 2017

Roman Z6000 Bluetooth Wireless Headset - Review

At first glance, these wireless earbuds are well presented in a neat, clean box that unpacks without a lot of fuss or annoyance. I’ll admit the badly translated English on the back of the packaging was a bit disconcerting, but my fears were quickly laid aside as soon as I removed the product from the packaging.

Pairing is as simple as can be, and setting up the Z6000 for your device takes under a minute. The controls are easy to feel out an use without actually looking at them. Sound quality is equal to that of units five times the price. The advertised battery life of 8.5 hours is optimistic for those who like it loud, but even at max volume you can expect over six hours of use between charges.

The Z6000 is not only visually appealing, it’s well made. I have ruined many bluetooth sets in the harsh metal manufacturing environment I work in. These are definitely a cut above the rest. The neckband allows for free head movement without dragging the wires and prematurely wearing them out, and the magnets keep the buds secure when not in use.

Overall, I am very pleased with this product and would buy it again.

These are sold by Vostronics on Amazon. Get them here:

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I received this for a discount for my unbiased review, just a heads up!!

December 5, 2017

Vostronics Bluetooth Wireless Headphones With Mic - Review

First off, I was interested in these headphones specifically because they're Bluetooth, aka wireless. I live in a house with many cats, half of whom like to find and eat wires. We've gone through about 10 pairs of earbuds these past 4 months. So I saw these and applied for the opportunity to review them, and was approved to do so by Grace66. They're sold on Amazon by Vostronics.
my old, cat chewed earbuds
These headphones came with a USB charging cable and a cable for the headphone jack. That headphone jack cable isn't great; it crackles a lot, and I'm not sure if it's just the cable or the port itself. I only need to use it though when the charge is low (i.e. not much), so it's not that big of a deal to me. Other cable seems to work fine.

The second reason why I wanted these was because of work. Because these go over the ear, they block out a bit more least I'd like to think so. I'm allergic to whatever in-ear headphones are made out of, and while these hurt my ears (the cartiledge gets angry after wearing them a while), it's not as bad as the alternative. They've got decent sound. Could use more bass, though. They rest well on my big head thanks to the adjustable band. The ears fold in for storage. Don't take long to charge, and the charge lasts a really long time (8+ hours, at least). Overall, these are pretty decent, and I would recommend them.

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November 17, 2017

My brand new super awesome Electronic Pet Drinking Fountain ~ Review

I just got my new fun thing for my cats!! I got approved to test out this Electronic Pet Drinking Fountain, sold by OWNPETS on Amazon. They wanted me to do an unboxing video, just to show you what it's like to get this brand new and set it up and see it working right away. You can check out my video below.
The fountain's easy enough to set up, really. Just open everything up, add water, and turn it on. But for some reason I got confused when it told me to add water. Could just be bad translation in the instructions, I don't know, but I got hung up on that part. The system's supposed to know when the water level's too low, and it's supposed to shut off once it hits that point, as well as display a red light in front. When the water's full, the light's blue. I was actually kind of impressed w/the button that turns the system on/off, as it's touch and not push. I like that about this thing. A longer touch will turn it off.
I've got this thing sitting on my bathroom counter right now, and the cord's just long enough so that it's on the other side of the sink, away from the outlet. My cats like to play in the water, and I'm hoping that this fountain will keep them from moving the whole dish around, knocking it over and jumping in it. I'm kind of paranoid now though about them chewing through the cord and getting electrocuted (they like to eat cords), so I'm second guessing this thing. We'll see what happens after a little bit w/this out. I've got the cord kind of covered, as best I can, for now.
I really don't get how the water's filtered though. It seems to me like it can pass through the top and go down in the bottom well without passing through the filter. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't think my cats care too much about if the water's filtered or not, anyway. But they all do love the fountain in general. All 8 of them came up to check it out right away (as soon as I let them in the bathroom after setting it up), and were drinking from it in no time. I think they'll be happy with this.

October 29, 2017

Storage Net by INNX review

INNX Trunk Storage Net
These two storage nets came in the mail the other day, sent to me by Innx after I applied to review this product. I got the nets for a discount, in exchange for my review...and I've got to be honest, these are not what I was expecting. I was expecting some cheap things that wouldn't stick to my car seats or hold anything in them if they did. I didn't get what I expected. These nets are the real deal! I put in some light objects on the left side, but on the right I put in a quart of motor oil (those are a few lbs heavy). That net held that oil in there for a week w/o budging. So, I'm impressed. They're fairly lightweight, but easy to stick on your seats, and they're really stretchy so they'll hold a good amount of things in them. Each side is comprised of a stronger material, covered entirely w/velcro on one side. This will stick to the back of your car seat. There are two pieces of netting, which make a pocket. You could even use the part between the netting and the seat to hold longer items between the net and the seat. So yeah, I'm impressed, and glad I got to try these out! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks.

Get these here:
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October 18, 2015

RIMSports Womens Weightlifting Gloves ~ Review

Ok, ok, I'll be 100% honest: I don't lift weights. I wanted these gloves for other fitness exercises, namely for when I'm bike riding. So make note of that during this review.

I ordered a large (without measuring 'cause I didn't see those instructions prior to ordering) in pink. These gloves are excellent!! Super high quality and they fit perfect! These gloves help to keep my hands from hurting from holding the handle bars on long rides. I have larger hands so I ordered the large, had absolutely no issues getting them on or keeping them on, they fit perfect. They're a deep pink color which I LOVE. The suede part of the gloves is high quality and feels great. I imagine these are going to last a while. Got to try them for free for my unbiased review, I received no compensation for my opinion and my opinions are my own.