June 21, 2014

My Secrets: here's everything I do to get goodies

Here's everything that I do (almost daily) to get freebies, products, gift cards, subscriptions etc. This list is extensive and may look daunting but I tell you, it's worth it. Feel free to post any questions in the comments below. I should note that every single one of these are free to join/use. While you can get credit for purchases on some sites, you don't HAVE to buy anything.

MyPoints is a site you can earn points on to redeem for a multitude of different things: gift cards, products, too many to name. I've been a member on this site since like, 1998; it's legit, and one of the best of its kind. They will send you emails that when you click the link, you will earn points. You can also earn for shopping online, taking surveys and referring friends.

BzzAgent has very short & quick surveys you can take to qualify for products to try out. You can earn MyPoints points for some of these, too! They mail you the products when you qualify and then you just do some reviews, sharing on social media, etc.

FYI: You can print coupons from blog sites or a site like coupons.com, but you should check first if the coupon is on MyPoints or SwagBucks because you can get points for printing and redeeming coupons; give the credit to yourself, not to another blogger/website.

SwagBucks is another site much like MyPoints but has more features: you can watch tv clips/movie trailers/commercials etc to get SwagBucks (their points system) . You can get SwagBucks for searching using their search engine, printing/using coupons, playing games, referring friends, and much more. There are offers you can complete to get SwagBucks too; some are free to do, some require your info, some require a purchase.

Bing Rewards
Bing's got ways you can earn credits, and those credits get you things. Right now I redeem the credits for 500 SwagBucks, because that seems to be the best reward so far. It takes literally 5 minutes to do the searches every day, at most. In about 3 weeks you have enough credits to order the SwagBucks; that's a little over $5 if you choose an Amazon gift card on the SB site.

Biore Reward Points
The Biore app on Facebook lets you earn points for visiting the app daily, answering the daily trivia question or daily challenge, and also by entering Prove It! reward codes. I use this site because you can redeem for Amazon gift cards.

This site is awesome. You can learn about tons of different things: recycling, DIY projects, healthy choices. You earn points for completing actions, like a poll, a quiz, or informative slideshow, there's different things on the site all the time. You can then redeem for a ton of really cool things. I got coupons for the movies, and a 26 week Sunday paper subscription for free. There is a daily pledge that you will earn 5 points from daily when there isn't anything else to do to get points. They have TONS of magazine subscriptions you can get, too.

This is a Facebook app that calculates a score based on your posts, and how many likes and comments you receive from others. If you have friends who use the app as well, you get more points from their likes/comments on your posts. You can apply for different giveaways they host once your score's high enough and you're eligible. They also award random Amazon gift cards and email them to you.

This is Vizio's site for rewards. You can earn points by clicking links, sharing on social media, viewing pages, etc. I used my points on this site to get a free 3 month subscription to Netflix. You can also hoard up your points for bigger things like a nice TV.

This site has free samples that you can order (up to 3 at a time). Sometimes they're full size products! Once you get the samples you fill out a quick survey and earn points; the more points you have the more benefits you get.

This is, by far, my favorite site ever. They've got Quickhits, which are like mini survey questions, Missions, challenges, and sample/shares. You earn points for everything you do; the more points you get, the more entries into the monthly drawings you will get. This one's so much fun and has really great benefits!!!

This is an auction site (much like eBay) where you use credits instead of money - making everything pretty much free. You can even get free shipping on most listings. You can also list your old stuff on there, get credits for them, and then use those to bid on stuff. I've won about $100 in Amazon gift cards from the credits I've earned so far!!

House Party
This site lets you apply to host House Parties. You invite people to your house for the party; they send you the swag to give away at the party. There are many different ones.

This site will send you "VoxBoxes" which are filled w/full sized products to test out and review. You get to keep everything, and the goods are great! You may need to be invited to the site, so if you find you can't sign up please email me at brooke_leia@hotmail.com with Influenster invite and your email address in the body of the email, and I will invite you to the site.

This site measures your social media presence and will award perks.

Opinion Outpost
This is a survey site - and it's the best one. You get an entry into a quarterly $10k drawing for every survey you either complete or are not eligible for. You earn points for surveys, and can redeem for lots of stuff - $10 PayPal credit for 100 points, or $5 Amazon gift card for 50 points - and it's really quick to get those points!!

Smiley 360
Another site to get free products to test out and give reviews on. You apply for missions and they send you the stuff if you're chosen to participate.

Inbox Dollars
This site is much like MyPoints: they email you and if you click the link in the email, you earn money. You can complete surveys, complete offers and refer friends to earn as well. Once you reach $30 you can cash out; they send you a check in the mail.

Ibotta is a smart phone app that you can get rebates on groceries, online shopping, movies, pet supplies, and more. You buy the product, scan the receipt and product bar code, and they add up the savings in your account. After you reach $5 you can cash out to PayPal or Venmo, or you can order gift cards.

This is an app that gives you points when you walk in participating stores, scan products in the store, or make purchases with a linked credit/debit card. You can redeem points for rewards - best reward is a Coach purse!

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