January 22, 2015

My Tree of Life necklace from Eve's Addiction - Review

In early December I received a lucky Mission invite from Smiley360, one of my favorite sites to try products free for reviews. (My favorite part about the site is their logo!! It's so cute.)  This mission, which I eagerly accepted, was to get an acrylic necklace from Eve's Addiction. Apparently acrylic is all the rage right now. I couldn't wait to see what I could be getting!

I was perusing Eve's website when I spotted this Engravable Tree of Life Tag Pendant and ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE IT. See, I have a thing for trees. This necklace is perfect! I got to pick the length of the chain (got the 24" chain) which was surprising to me, I'm used to seeing short chains all the time on necklaces I buy. I did receive this at a discounted price to review. I'm so happy w/this necklace, quite honestly it's the best purchase I've made on a piece of jewelry in a long time. I wear this every day and have gotten several compliments on it already!

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