March 1, 2015

My attempt at being healthy

I've been trying to eat healthier so I can lose some weight, but it's been challenging. I have a really hard time making myself do much of anything when I get home from work, and that includes cooking. I just don't feel like it anymore. I live by myself and just don't want to spend all that time making something awesome just for me. Well, sometimes I do. But not every day. Because of this, I haven't been eating very well. I've been buying foods off the shelf that are processed and quick to make (usually microwaveable). I know that I'm not getting all the nutrients I need on a daily basis. Plus I'm having some stomach issues. So I decided to try a protein powder out to give it a shot, see how this will help me, and if it'd be a good long-term solution for me.

I chose the Hemp protein because I don't want anything that's got milk, gluten or soy in it. I had done a *minimal* amount of research before I picked this one and felt it to be closest to what I was looking for. I opted for the added fiber 'cause I have a hard time getting enough of that as well, and I really don't want to be drinking those orange fiber mixes (YUCK). Serving size of this is 3 tbsp. I bought a 3 pound bag. This is going to last me a while. :)

Originally I tried making this in a smoothie w/some greek yogurt and some blueberries I had bought and froze last summer. I ended up having to throw it all away 'cause the blueberries were really gross and I couldn't force myself to drink it. I'm trying again today; this time I used blueberry pie filling ('cause I didn't have anything else for flavor and I really didn't want to go to the store). So I have vanilla greek yogurt, blueberry filling, and the hemp powder. As you may imagine, the mixture became kind of chewy. It didn't taste bad, and I was able to eat it just fine, but because it was rather thick and chewy I needed something more, so I put in some sunflower seeds. Now I have a real reason to chew. :) I had a cup of this stuff and I AM FULL. Goal accomplished! It doesn't look very appetizing though...just kind of like a blueish-green blob. Wonder what my coworkers will say when they see me eat it in the morning...I made enough for 3 more bowls. But I definitely think I'll be switching to a smoothie again so I can drink it rather than chew it.

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