July 20, 2015

Day 16 - Half way through!!

I seriously can't believe I'm on Day 16 already. The time has kind of flown by. Well, I suppose it helps that I'm now working 66 hours/week. But still. Most of the time when you're on a "diet" it's like watching water boil, the painful slow ticking of the clock and waiting for it to be over. Well, this won't be over...but I'm getting closer to my goal! I really would like to end up at 220 so I still have curves, and that puts me back at college weight (the first time I went to college...), and I am to have that done hopefully by end of Feb.

College circa 1997

I was actually thinking earlier today about roller blading. Quick story. I was born in Marquette, MI and visited there much since my family left. My favorite place on earth is there: Presque Isle. It's basically a little island that you can drive around/through that's wooded with turn offs to stop and see Lake Superior. They have this area where I always used to see people roller blading whenever I'd go there, and I thought to myself, one day when I'm thinner I'm going to do that. So...earlier today I got that urge again to roller blade and let's hope that this time next year I'll be up in Marquette making that long time goal come true.

Here are my week 2 results:

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