July 8, 2015

Day 5 :)

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I'm on day 5 now. I've been tracking my food eaten with MyFitnessPal (brookeleia) and my steps with my Fitbit. MyFitnessPal is yelling at me because I'm eating under 1000 calories a day. Monday it was 499, Tuesday 577 and today 426. It's actually a little more than that because I didn't count in there the garlic veggie sauce or the coffee/creamer.

I feel pretty good. I am still tired. However, I'm not as tired and I feel bouncy and like, ready to go. I'm not hungry at any point. This is going very, very well. It's MUCH easier than I thought it would be!!

So my next goal is going to be to get some It Works! wraps to use on my arms/legs/stomach so that I can keep the sagging skin at bay while I lose the weight. After a while here I'll get some weights to do that as well. 

I'll post my weight Saturday, 'cause I'm curious what it's going to be after this first week.