July 11, 2015

Week One Results are In!

I'm only going to update the measurements monthly

This is a fun pic :D

If you would like to take a look at what program I'm on, you can go to www.personaltrainerfood.com. If you decided to try it out and use that link, you'd get $50 off your order.

This has really been so easy for me so far. I just can't even believe it. Everything else I've done in the past hasn't worked this well. So looking forward to the next 7 months!

I get an email from them daily with a REV tip, and I've learned so much from those!! Some highlights from my weekly tip emails:
  • Day 1: While it seems unheard of in our society to ‘not eat,’ the benefits of fasting have been known for thousands of years. Bluntly put, we have been stuffing our bodies with too much or the wrong food, not too little. Your body can use a break! If you normally eat a lot of sugar and starches, your experience will be even more pronounced. Your body has a lot of work to do to detoxify and normalize your metabolism. You might feel like you need food right now, but your body has plenty of reserve fuel to burn, especially as it starts to transition from burning sugar to burning fat in the coming days. Remember this: fasting is NOT starvation! Fasting is when the body draws on its own reserves in a beneficial manner to improve your health. Furthermore, human beings have not evolved with three meals a day, every day. As hunter-gatherers, our bodies are actually geared to have days where we do not eat food. 
  • Day 2: Did you feel that magic moment? You know, when you realized that you weren’t thinking of food? Letting go of food addiction is an amazing feeling and a sure sign that the fast is working for you. As you progress on your program, you will feel even more energetic because our foods will continue what the fast started; healing your body from the inside out. Not to mention the amazing weight loss results our customers experience with the first week of REV. Fasting is a perfect way to learn the difference between real hunger and wrong food cravings. So take note of what you are experiencing. Your goal is to sort out the difference between eating food for fuel, not in response to a trigger.
  • Day 3: Did it seem strange to eat just vegetables for breakfast today? Pop quiz time: Which has more sugar? Three cans of Coke or an All-American breakfast? 

  • 3-12-ounce sodas = 114 grams of sugar.
    Skim milk and Special K cereal = 48 grams of sugar.
    12-ounce Orange Juice = 33 grams of sugar.
    Lucerne low-fat yogurt = 32 grams of sugar.
    America’s ‘Healthy’ Breakfast has a whopping 113 grams of sugar! You might as well have 3 Cokes for breakfast, because your body doesn’t know the difference between the sugar from soda and the sugar from cereal, yogurt and milk. America is obese because America is confused about what to eat. 
  • Day 4: Putting a number on food, such as ‘calories,’ simply doesn’t work. Calories cause dietary defeat because they are confusing. We have all been told that portion control and calories are the reason everyone is obese. It is not as simple as calories in = calories out. A calorie is a form of heat measurement, but it does not represent what is actually going on in your body. The advent of calorie counting has not stopped the obesity trend. Losing fat is not about limiting calories! It is about eating natural food. That’s it! The Calorie Myth is also at work with your REV program. The foods you are eating are nutrient dense, full of fiber, vitamins and protein. These foods are going to heal your body from the inside out which in turn will cause you to lose fat.
  • Day 5: When you lower your sugar intake, your body has to adjust from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel. This takes time and is a pretty major overhaul. While the two day clear liquid fast helps most people reduce sugar withdrawal length of time and severity, Day Three is usually described as the ‘hardest day.’ By now, you are feeling the full force of what sugar does to you. In the past, when you ate sugar you barely noticed how bad sugar makes you feel. Today, you are learning just how damaging sugar is to your well-being! Remember this because it is a good motivator to avoid sugar in the future.
  • Day 6: “I love food. I was addicted, it was my comfort, that was my love…I was just living to die.” –Niki Thomas, PTF Weight Loss Coach. Does this sound anything like you? Are you using food for comfort, as a substitution for love? Do you find yourself experiencing the same challenges with food over and over? That is food addiction. Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is simply a battle against wrong food addiction. Nothing more, nothing less.

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