July 28, 2015

Weight loss is 90% the food you eat.

I messed up, and I'm rather pissed off.

So one of the biggest aspect to this food that I've been doing since 7/4 is not having any sugar. None. So...I thought this whole time that I wasn't consuming any sugar. I've been wrong. Not to mention that; I've cheated, several times.

It's not as bad as it sounds. But I tend to be horribly hard on myself so I'm really upset at myself. Last week, I ate cheese on 3 different occasions, a few pieces. I went in to Arby's when my co-workers wanted to get dinner on our way to the company party; I got that BLT sandwich (didn't eat the bread, but the bacon was coated in sugar, no lie!). I had alcohol at said party. Then the next night I had a few beers. Then yesterday I ate salami from the store and again, some cheese.

So I haven't updated yet 'cause I gained 2 lbs during my 3rd week weigh-in. Yes, I'm glad it's only 2 lbs...but I'm still not happy w/myself. Like, I can't make it a freaking month w/o doing something like this.

So I'll update my weight again this Sat (I'm at work atm and don't have the info I need to do it right now). Then I'm going to start again. Going to watch the tricky places that I found sugar hiding: my water from work (Polar) namely. Going to be more careful and do better at sticking to the plan. Or at least to eat something that coincides w/the plan rather than a friggin BLT minus the bun. I just bought month #2's food, used the Groupon again, so ultimately I've "bought one and got one free" so far. $400 saved. WOOOOOT. If you want in on this phenomenal deal, click here.

This is the enemy.

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