August 5, 2015

My very own selfie stick!!

A few weeks ago my team at work went out for a "support outing" just to hang out outside of work and have some fun. One of the gals there had a selfie stick; one of the other gals became OBSESSED with it. So, I decided to get her one. She was SO EXCITED lol. Then after that I decided to get one for myself, 'cause I was like, this could come in handy, looked like fun, I wanted to fit in and be cool, I ended up with the Best Wired Selfie Stick from Power Theory off Amazon. I'm so glad I got it!!

This is a great selfie stick. It's easy to get your phone in the holder (I have a Samsung Note 4 Edge and it fit in there...just barely lol). It holds the phone snugly so you don't have to worry about the phone falling out and crashing to it's death. It's a lot more compact than other sticks I've used, and I really like that. The handle's got this grippy rubber covering on it, makes it very comfortable to hold, and not slippery. Cord's attached to the stick so you don't need to worry about forgetting to bring it with or losing it. The stick extended easily enough, and collapsed easily as well. No need to set timers to take the pic 'cause the button does it for ya. :) ABSOLUTELY recommended!!! I received this product at a discount to test out and tell everyone about it. These opinions are my own and I haven't received any other compensation for this review.

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