September 17, 2015

Trim Evolution Fruit Infusion Water Bottle ~ Review

I really love these kinds of water bottles because you can flavor your water any way that you want to using whatever fruits & veggies you would like. You don't have to buy water that's got whatever chemicals in it to make it taste certain ways, and you have a wider variety of flavors to create than what they manufacture for you to drink. This is a nice water bottle. BPA free is the best! This bottle has a plastic lid w/a silicone seal to keep from leaking; I got the pretty red color. The cartridge inside twists out easily for you to add your fruit to. The slots in the cartridge are long allowing for maximum infusion (there are some at the very bottom as well). Recommended. I received this product free to test out and tell everyone about it. These opinions are my own and I haven't received any other compensation for this review.
This is going to make for a *great* holiday gift :)

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