October 4, 2015

Long handled bath/shower brush ~ Review

This brush is great; the bristles are soft and flexible yet still have enough firmness to scrub well. They're actually softer than I expected them to be. These types of brushes that you find in the store, those are generally a bit firmer than these, and I like the soft bristles so it doesn't feel like I'm using sandpaper. The handle is a little bendy, I wish it were not bendable at all (personal preference), but it's easy to hold on to, and on the other side of the bristles are little plastic nubbies (massaging?). Looks awesome in my shower. I honestly got this 'cause my bf was complaining about exfoliating so I figured this would help him out. He likes it. Makes it a lot easier to clean your back on your own! (Not like I mind helping...) I got this free to test and review, I received no compensation for this and my opinions are all my own.

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