October 18, 2015

RIMSports Womens Weightlifting Gloves ~ Review

Ok, ok, I'll be 100% honest: I don't lift weights. I wanted these gloves for other fitness exercises, namely for when I'm bike riding. So make note of that during this review.

I ordered a large (without measuring 'cause I didn't see those instructions prior to ordering) in pink. These gloves are excellent!! Super high quality and they fit perfect! These gloves help to keep my hands from hurting from holding the handle bars on long rides. I have larger hands so I ordered the large, had absolutely no issues getting them on or keeping them on, they fit perfect. They're a deep pink color which I LOVE. The suede part of the gloves is high quality and feels great. I imagine these are going to last a while. Got to try them for free for my unbiased review, I received no compensation for my opinion and my opinions are my own.

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